Uzès : an end to the shortage ?

Characterized by rare offerings and rising prices, the property market in Uzès has recently given encouraging signs for the new year.

Under the management of Hervé de Maulmont, the Catherine La Bruyère agency focuses on sales in an area centered around Uzès.

“Charm, character and authenticity are the three founding pillars of our firm, though these selection criteria do not solely apply to properties posting up-market prices. Most of our stock lies within a perimeter of 15 kilometres around Uzès. Buyers are now mainly searching for “mas” with outdoor areas, though a serene environment and privacy also count among the determining factors. Furthermore, the majority of our clients give precedence to the proximity of shops. A budget of 650,000 € allows them to target an old “mas” with 4 bedrooms and a delightful garden, not far from Uzès.”

Hervé de Maulmont - Agence Catherine La Bruyère (04 66 03 41 71)

Faced by growing demand, rare offerings have led to a price rise of about 17 %, according to this specialist. “Before the pandemic, 75 % of our clients were foreigners. This proportion has since been pratically reversed, thanks to buyers from Paris, Lyon and Marseille, plus residents of Brittany and Normandy. Among the most sought-after locations, properties within walking distance of the village are seen as presenting exclusive character and prices. The local market functions in concentric circles around the commune, so prices decline the further one gets from the centre. Finally, we are now welcoming a growing number of buyers looking for semi-main homes. Properties meeting this requirement are thus seeing marked enthusiasm.” Founded by Cathy Matera, Uzès Résidences has been operating from the heart of the medieval town since 2007.

“We cover an area within a 30-minute drive around Uzès, though most of the properties in our portfolio are within a radius of 10 to 15 km around the town. We specialize in sales of old properties. The core of demand consists of stone houses, either village residences or “mas” surrounded by nature. Properties benefiting from outdoor areas with pools and delightful views, yet within easy reach of shops, have always been the most highly-prized : they are now the subject of even stronger demand. In the current context giving priority to rural settings and working from home, this type of property is becoming increasingly rare, posting starting prices of around 650,000 € and easily reaching 1 million euros, depending on their appointments.”

Cathy Matera - Uzès Résidences (04 66 37 47 99)

Cathy Matera has noted a 5 to 10 % rise in prices over the past 18 months. “Previously, a significant share of our clientele consisted of young retirees. We are now welcoming a growing number of residents actively employed in large French towns. Belgian and Swiss buyers have long been a traditional clientele, very active in this region. On the other hand, due to Brexit, some UK clients are selling properties they own in the region. The scarcity of offerings we recently suffered thus seems to be witnessing a turnaround : in the fourth quarter of 2021, the number of owners who consulted us as part of their plans to sell in 2022 was on the rise.”

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