Outstanding properties in Avignon

A city of art, history and culture, Avignon never leaves visitors indifferent. The fact that it played host to seven different Popes in the 14th century left an indelible mark on its architecture.

100 km from Marseille, 2 hrs 40 mins. from Paris on the TGV, Avignon stands on the banks of the Rhône between the Alpilles, the Luberon and Mount Ventoux. Famous worldwide thanks to the Popes’ Palace, Avignon was the capital of Christianity in the Middle Ages. Listed as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage, the Supreme Pontiffs’ residence is, in fact, the largest Gothic palace in Europe.

It is surrounded by cardinals’ residences, churches, convents, chapels... Charmed by this exceptional heritage, the actor Jean Vilar came up with the idea in 1947 of a theatre festival in this open-air setting. Since then, this absolute must event has been held each year in July. A maze of narrow streets, the old centre is dotted with many squares, each one more charming than the last. As for architecture, one simply has to look upwards to discover details on the facades : sculptures of Virgins in nooks and crannies, wrought-iron balconies, foliage in stucco, monumental doors...

This rich ornamentation bears witness to the splendour of private mansions built here in the 17th and 18th centuries. On the far side of the Rhône, one discovers Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, where the imposing Philippe le Bel tower once marked the entrance to the Kingdom of France. This chic “suburb” of Avignon hosts one of the most enormous monastries of the Carthusian Order. Now an artists’ residence, La Chartreuse can claim unique architecture. A network of estate agencies proposing a selection of properties full of expression and character, Espaces Atypiques understandably opened an agency here in 2016 ! Run by Laurence Lavandière, Espaces Atypiques Avignon - Luberon - Ventoux is to be found on Rue Thiers.

“In Avignon intramuros, we love to offer clients properties that have found a new lease of life, such as an old chapel whose sale we handled in 2022,”

says Laurence Lavandière.

“We also propose former factories and workshops converted into lofts. In addition to these rare properties, we select apartments of character in Avignon, on top floors, extended by terraces with views of the rooftops, the Rhône and the Popes’ Palace ; private mansions and other bourgeois residences... Within Avignon’s metropolitan area, our clients will discover at Espaces Atypiques renovated “mas” of assertive character and contemporary houses designed by architects. We are very focused on the quality of the renovation of old properties. Even so, a home with high potential, and as yet untouched, will also draw our interest if it offers a fabulous location with, in particular, a sought-after view. We are dedicated to assisting buyers in the structuring of their projects.”

What about the clientele ? In Avignon itself, searches for year-round homes are more numerous.

In the countryside in the Luberon and Ventoux, transactions are more likely to involve second residences for French and north European buyers : Belgian, German, Swiss... The market is stable and activity remains buoyant at Espaces Atypiques. “Demand is still there thanks to our region’s strong appeal, though it is not easy to offer each client the home of his dreams.” Availabilities are becoming rare. A challenge taken up each day by the nine members of this team of aesthetes with a passion for architecture.

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