Marseille : new look

Particularly lively in the digital, cinema and tourism sectors, Marseille draws a heterogeneous clientele, with Parisian buyers taking the lion’s share.

A world apart in the Provençal landscape, Marseille is the oldest large city and N°1 port in France. A real capital of southern Europe.

Subsidiaries of the Groupe SYNEO focusing on prestige real estate, Georges Haussmann agencies have over 17 branches in France and abroad. The one in Marseille is run by Isabelle Mouries. “We offer our clients comprehensive service on the property market, ranging from rental management to sales, trusteeship and long-term investments. The town’s evolution and its privileged setting are attracting a growing number of buyers from large cities, and especially Paris. They now opt to live in Marseille year-round due to the current context encouraging working from home. The opening of the Rocade L2, which skirts the central neighbourhoods, has resulted in a significant price rise in certain areas which are now more easily accessible, such as the Saint-Barnabé neighbourhood where we have acquired a new agency.” The 8th arrondissement and neighbourhoods above the Corniche are also seeing a marked rise in demand. “Houses with outdoor areas currently comprise the core of demand. In the Saint-Barnabé neighbourhood, budgets range from 800,000 to 1.5 million euros. Above the Corniche, sales can attain 3 million euros for certain private mansions, though this is the highest price paid on the market in Marseille.” Isabelle Mouriès speaks of abundant availabilities, but a low rate of turnaround. Compared to Aix-en-Provence where owners put their properties up for sale three or four years on average after acquiring them, home-owners in Marseille hang on to their properties for about 20 years. “The city has changed considerably over the past few years. Its appeal has thus doubled, as witnessed by the liveliness of the market and rising prices in the most highly-prized neighbourhoods.”

Under the management of Claude Leonetti, the Barnes agency in Marseille welcomes clients in search of the sea/sun/nature trio. “Near the Corniche, the 7th and 8th arrondissements are the most sought-after neighbourhoods where substantial villas and prestigious residences enjoy panoramic views of the sea from their gated parks : prices here can attain 10,000 € per sqm.” Elegant private mansions in Monticelli and vast Haussmann-style apartments on Rue Paradis, Rue Périer or the Avenue du Prado are widely known as comprising the “Golden Square”. Expect to pay 3,500 to 6,500 € per sqm. Along the seafront, in the more picturesque neighbourhoods of La Pointe Rouge, La Madrague and Les Goudes, renovated fishermen’s houses change hands at prices ranging from 4,500 to 7,000 € per sqm. “On the other side, towards the Old Port, the neighbourhoods of Endoume, Malmousque and Bompard are highly sought-after by local and Parisian buyers who appreciate their authenticity. Charming town houses overlooking the Vallon des Auffes are becoming rare on the market. Prices range from 3,500 € per sqm for the Old Port to 10,000 € per sqm on the Malmousque peninsula, on the seafront.” The 6th arrondissement is a central location where private mansions rub shoulders with town houses. “There is less scope for bargaining than previously, as buyers have realised that properties in sought-after neighbourhoods do not stay long on the market. On the other hand, unusual properties or those in need of renovation offer more leeway for bargaining, and take longer to sell.”

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