Anglet, a multi-faceted market

Steeped in both Basque and Gascon culture, the coastal town of Anglet lies between Bayonne and Biarritz. Vast, airy, green and flowery, it stretches out along 4.5 km of the shoreline, facing the ocean.

With its 11 beaches popular among surfers, its thalassotherapy centre, biking paths, golf-course and forest, Anglet offers a wide array of tourist attractions. Enjoying a high level of appeal, this commune home to almost 38,000 residents offers a diverse property market ranging from substantial villas to a good number of select new apartments. Its real estate market is characterized by its different neighbourhoods, more or less popular depending on their position on one side or the other of the BAB (Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne zone).

The 5 Cantons and Chiberta areas continue to win lots of votes, while buyers with more modest budgets are beginning to show an interest in the Bois Belin and Hardoy neighbourhoods. On the other hand, the Avenue d’Espagne, seen as “too full of concrete”, is less appreciated. With all its different neighbourhoods, Anglet presents a multi-faceted market with a larger stock of available properties than its neighbour, Biarritz.

Launched eight years ago, the Biarritz Dream Home agency was taken over two years ago by Emmanuelle Vigneau. She and her partner, Isabelle Osswald, propose a tailormade approach focusing on community properties, human values and real personalization of follow-up at each stage of the sales and acquisition processes.

“Our portfolio is comprised of properties of quality, selected for their appointments, location, the level of their interior decor and fittings... Most of them are in Biarritz and Anglet, though depending on opportunities, we sometimes venture inland, as just recently, to Jatxou and Ustaritz,”

says Emmanuelle Vigneau.

After the period of euphoria that followed successive lockdowns, the markets in Biarritz and Anglet seem to have recovered cruising speed and are trending towards natural stabilization of prices, even though some properties are still posted at prohibitive levels. Mainly orchestrating transactions for a local clientele in search of main homes, as well as clients from other regions and abroad wanting to settle permanently on the Côte Basque, the Biarritz Dream Home agency also specializes in the sale of new apartments.

“Well-informed about energy standards, clients are focusing on new properties even though they are marketed on average at prices 15 % higher than those being resold. Which is explained by the fact that they are mostly “complete” properties (with outdoor areas and parking facilities), also offering high energy performance.”

As an example representing the current market, Emmanuelle Vigneau mentions the recent sale of a 2-bedroomed apartment of 63 m² in Anglet, priced at 450,000 €.

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