Wood-burning fireplaces : more fashionable than ever

Wood-burning fireplaces : more fashionable than ever

Offering high performance, minimalist design, ecological heating, simplicity, with insert or closed hearths, fireplaces are still great classics among fans of wood-fired heating. Trendy, economical and environmentally friendly, they ensure comfort and warmth while creating the inviting ambiance which is one of their major assets.

Ideal in private homes, fireplaces are one of the amenities that add value to a property. Those whose choice is mainly guided by esthetics can opt for a fireplace with an open hearth. While it gives an authentic atmosphere, this option does not guarantee high heating performance due to its low efficiency. This type of fireplace serves as a decorative feature bringing a little warmth into a well-insulated home which benefits from another main source of heating.

Proposing a similar decorative ambiance, the closed-hearth fireplace offers a striking difference in terms of performance. The fire it contains produces much more heat, with efficiency of up to 75 % for hearths or inserts that burn logs. In medium-sized homes, it can provide the main source of heating.

To install your fireplace, you simply need to have a flue that meets standards currently in force. It is, of course, highly recommended to call on a qualified installer to take charge of the creation or transformation of your fireplace.

Since January 1st, 2015, in the interest of maintaining air of good quality, some communes in the Île-de-France have banned chimney fires. However, the use of a wood-fired boiler, stove or closed hearth, of the insert kind, is still allowed, except in Paris intra-muros. You can find out more about these measures from your town-hall or on

Recommended brands

Already complying with
the Ecodesign 2022 standard, hearths in MCZ's Plasma range are perfectly suitable for passive and low energy consumption houses. All the Plasma models can be used in the patented Comfort Air duct system, making
it possible to heat several rooms, even if they are not interconnected.

Studio Ruegg proposes a very wide range of high-end wood-fired hearths, available in contemporary and minimalist design. An expert in heat distribution, this brand has succeeded in combining luxurious esthetics with high performance.

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