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Dream villas from Cap Immo in La Ciotat

A new trend is emerging on the market in La Ciotat : very desirable prop­erties offering high-quality appointments are now available. These high-end homes worth over 1 million euros benefit from outstanding locations. In “bastide” or neo-Provençal styles, they offer breathtaking sea views and lovely swimming pools, some boasting high-tech equipment, as demonstrated by this villa on the hills of La Ciotat with a movie lounge and floors with a heating-cooling system. With living space of 250 m2, a garage of 100 m2 and grounds of 3,000 m2, it is a good example of the type of top-notch properties now proposed by Cap Immobilier. Price : 1,550,000 €. Son prix ? 1.550.000 €. Cap Immobilier, 137 avenue Camugli, La Ciotat (

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