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Bluewood, a pool to fit the bill

Built of ecologically certified wood from the Landes, Bluewood pools are sold by the metre ! A unique concept, patented by this company based in Entraigues. The structures are completely modular so that shapes, angles and heights can be customized, thus allowing you to obtain the pool ideally suited to your particular piece of land. Wood being the most highly-prized material in modern buildings, the result is highly contemporary. Another strong point for Bluewood is the pool cover (Pink Floor). In just a few minutes, you can partially or totally cover the surface with a “floor” designed in wood, tiling or PVC. Ideal to save space off season, create another terrace or comply with safety norms. Practical and visually pleasing ! Bluewood, 653 avenue du Clapier, ZA du Couquiou, Entraigues-sur-Sorgue (04 90 01 26 83).

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