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Anglet, between Atlantic and Pyrenees

Anglet, between Atlantic and Pyrenees In an urban area playing host to 120,000 inhabitants, Anglet combines the appeal of the beaches, the charm of the forest and the vitality of a town centre. Local residents appreciate the Cinq Cantons neighbourhood for its tranquility and quality life-style. “Les Cinq Sud” enjoys peaceful surroundings and immediate access to shops, schools and public transport, just minutes from the ocean. Composed of two to five main rooms, the apartments are divided into three buildings laid out around a garden with walkways and a swimming pool. The developer is committed to obtaining the Habitat & Environment label awarded by Le Cerqual. Bouygues Immobilier, espace de vente, rue de Hausquette, Anglet (0810 152 168). www.bouygues-immobilier.com

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