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Accorimm, 3 agencies in Lyon surrouding

Founded in Villeurbane in 1992 by Stéphane and Richard Lamamra, Accorimm now has three agencies and a customer file containing over 3,000 families ! The office in Ternay was inaugurated in the year 2000, that of Mions in 2011. Originally, Accorimm specialized solely in property sales before developing a department for management and rentals in 2004, then launching its co-owned property management department ("syndic") in 2013. In Villeurbanne, where the firm's head office is still based, Accorimm is an active player in local life, involved in associations, especially alongside shopkeepers on Place Grandclement and on the local neighbourhood committee. Now reinforced by its three main activities in real estate, Accorimm is keen to preserve the reason for its success over the past 23 years, ie. close relationships based on trust which each of its clients. "In our "syndic" activity, we try to establish close ties in order to be more efficient, which is why we have decided only to work with small residences on a human scale, so as to meet the needs of each owner as effectively as possible," explains Erick Dalmais, manager of this sector in Villeurbane and a partner in Accorimm right from the start. With his team of 14, he perfectly masters the areas of Villeurbanne and Lyon, together with communes east and south-east of Lyon, and has in fact already re-sold as many as four times over the same apartment in his 23 years of activity ! Proof of the confidence and loyalty uniting the company with its clients. "Here at Accorimm, we manage your apartment as if it were our own," says this real professional, deeply attached to the family spirit which reigns in this firm, where each client, either buyer or seller, is accompanied at each stage of his project. Accorimm places at their service its expertise, experience and exclusive, efficient tools, providing a reliable database evaluating each property extremely precisely, and a network of local professionals who have become partners : banks, notaries, brokers, developers, builders, insurance agents and members of the real-estate sector, all sharing the values of Accorimm. Until June 30th, by presenting this article in any of the Accorimm agencies, all of your obligatory diagnostic assessments will be provided free of charge (as per terms available from the agencies). 23 Place Grandclement, Villeurbanne (04 72 91 66 33). Centre Commercial les Pierres, Ternay (04 72 24 66 75). 12b rue de la Liberté, Mions (04 72 09 02 44). www.accorimm.fr

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