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APARTMENT for sale in ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ - 64500

Long regarded as a reference for whaling, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a highly-prized seaside resort. At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, between Biarritz and the Spanish border, it is comprised of Basque countryside, seven magnificent beaches and two renowned golf-courses (Chantaco and La Nivelle). Partly pedestrian, the town centre is full of residences with colourful pasts, and shops open even on Sundays all year round.

Constant demand : retirees top the list

The apartment sector of the property market is mainly designed as year-round accommodation. Retirees with comfortable budgets search for good-sized apartments with amenities facilitating everyday life : terraces, lifts, parking spaces, proximity to the centre. The neighbourhoods of Le Lac, Sainte-Barbe and Aïce Errota are all in high demand. The town centre, however, only offers very rare properties meeting all these demands. Residences on Boulevard Thiers are pretty much the only ones to stand out from the rest. Further out, some new developments such as "Itsas Larrun" strive to meet these requirements.

ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ238 500 €

Apartment for sale - 2 rooms - 46


Fargeot, near the St Jean-de-Luz food market building, in a residence with a lift, a delightful 2-roomed apartment of 46.56 sq.m in very good condition. Parking space and a cellar.

Ref. : 1745
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1690412_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1690412_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1690412_2 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1690412_3

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ1 495 000 €

Apartment for sale -


A cross-light apartment of 91 sq.m with a magic view of the bay of St Jean and the Pyrenees. Living room opening onto a wide terrace/sea view, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Maid's room. Parking.

Ref. : A295
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1687256_0

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ562 000 €

Apartment for sale -


A renovated apartment of 61 sq.m in a handsome 1930s house. Bright living room by a charming inner courtyard of 12 sq.m. 2 bedrooms and 2 shower rooms. A short walk to the beaches and shops.

Ref. : A296
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1687251_0

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ495 000 €

Apartment for sale - 3 rooms - 60


Sole agent. Metres from the beach in a small condominium, a handsome and fully renovated cross-light apartment of 60.63 sq.m. Very bright and very cosy, with a cellar.

Ref. : 1756
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1686295_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1686295_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1686295_2 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1686295_3

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ440 000 €

Apartment for sale - 3 rooms - 62


SAINT JEAN DE LUZ Located less than 10mn to the beach and to the town centre in a house with a lot of character, beautiful and elegant triplex apartment (60m²/645sq.ft) on the 1st floor, facing south. On the 1st level: living room/dining room with balcony, fully equipped separate kitchen. On the 2nd level: bedroom wit...

Ref. : VX1-465
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1684357_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1684357_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1684357_2 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1684357_3

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ380 000 €

Apartment for sale - 3 rooms - 69


Right by the centre in a select residence with a lift, a splendid 2/3-roomed apartment of 69.39 sq.m opening onto a terrace. View of the Rhune mountain. Lockup garage, large cellar.

Ref. : 1738
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1669002_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1669002_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1669002_2 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1669002_3

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ830 000 €

Apartment for sale - 4 rooms - 112


In a ship-builder's house, a duplex of 112 sq.m (130 sq.m useful space). Large living room - view of the port -, open kitchen, parental suite (shower/dressing room), 2 bedrooms, shower room.

Ref. : 400
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1667591_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1667591_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1667591_2 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1667591_3

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ1 440 000 €

Apartment for sale - 4 rooms - 103


In a 17th-C. ship-builder's house, apartment of character 103.90 sq.m set south, view of the harbour of St Jean de Luz & the Rhune. Quality appointments. Walking distance to centre & beach.

Ref. : 1725
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1625161_0

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ646 600 €

Apartment for sale - 3 rooms - 92


Sole agent, dead centre and metres from the main beach, a superb apartment of character giving 92.83 sq.m. Located in a small very charming condominium. Balcony and a cellar.

Ref. : 1703
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1568245_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1568245_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1568245_2 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1568245_3

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ424 000 €

Apartment for sale - 3 rooms - 83


Sole agent. In a quiet leafy setting near the centre, in a small residence, a splendid apartment of 83.62 sq.m giving onto a terrace of 14 sq.m. Garage and parking place.

Ref. : 1718
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1625156_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1625156_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1625156_2 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1625156_3

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Côte Ouest Immobilier
Artis Immobilier
La Foret St Jean de Luz
Agence Luzienne
Laffontan Immobilier Côte Basque
l'Agence du Parc Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Breteuil Immobilier
Hardoy Immobilier
Duhart Immobilier
Immo Conseil
Sarl Atlantique Investissements - Agence de la Baie

ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ495 000 €

Apartment for sale - 3 rooms - 81


Sole agent. In the historic centre of Saint Jean de Luz, on the 2nd floor of a residence with lift, smart cross-light apartment of 81 sq.m with 3/4 main rooms, opening out to balconies.

Ref. : 1607
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1284212_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1284212_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1284212_2

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ380 000 €

Apartment for sale - 2 rooms - 54

City center - beach

In the center of Saint Jean de Luz, 75m from the Bay, close to every shops. Comfortable 54sq.m apartment with one bedroom and a 87sq.m garden. Small residency, only 8 apartments. Quality material, made to measure. 2 parking spaces in the basement.

Ref. : BI1-1053
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1642528_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1642528_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1642528_2 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1642528_3

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ475 000 €

Apartment for sale - Studio - 42

Panoramic view on Saint Jean de Luz Bay

In an Art Déco building with elevator, elegant two rooms appartment with magical view on the beach, the sea and Saint Jean de Luz Bay.

Ref. : BI1-1049
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1641468_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1641468_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1641468_2 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1641468_3

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ650 000 €

Apartment for sale - 4 rooms - 86


Elegant flat offering large living-room, kitchen fully equiped, 3 bedrooms opening onto a South facing balcony, shower, bathroom.

Ref. : 361
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1554734_0 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1554734_1 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1554734_2 Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1554734_3

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ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ345 000 €

Apartment for sale - 2 rooms - 44


Sole agent. In the heart of St Jean de Luz near the main beach, a handsome cross-light apartment in a small condo, 43.92 sq.m renovated throughout. Very bright inside.

Ref. : 1751
Apartment ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ 1669008_0

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