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APARTMENT for sale in ARCACHON - 33120

Since the 19th century, Arcachon has been one of the most popular destinations on the Atlantic coast. Known as "the town of four seasons", it enjoys a pleasant mild climate and a well-preserved environment. Lively and endowed with modern amenities, it attracts many buyers from Bordeaux and Paris. In 2017, the introduction of a new LGV service will link Arcachon to Paris in only 2 hrs 30. Which should further increase its number of fans.

A market oblivious to the crisis

Buoyant but with stable prices, Arcachon's property market enjoys on-going demand. Between ocean and forests, not far from the town centre, the Moulleau neighbourhood benefits from a unique, authentic setting much appreciated by a well-off clientele. Recent residences on the seafront offer quality appointments. In the "Ville d'Hiver, "Ville de Printemps" and "Ville d'Automne", a mixture of old and new buildings propose a wide array of opportunities, especially for retirees, looking for year-round or holiday homes near all amenities.

ARCACHON279 500 €

Apartment for sale - 3 rooms - 71


Arcachon, appartement de type T3 au dernier étage dans résidence bien entretenue comprenant 1 entrée avec placard, salon avec cuisine us équipée et aménagée, 2 chambres dont 1 avec placard, sde, terrasse, cave & parking. Surface loi carrez 66.34. Taxe foncière 1192 €/ ans

Ref. : 1991682
Apartment ARCACHON 1700278_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1700278_1 Apartment ARCACHON 1700278_2

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ARCACHON297 000 €

Apartment for sale - 2 rooms - 45

Appartement neuf T2 hyper centre arcachon

Arcachon Hyper-centre à 100 m du marché et 200 m de la plage. la Villa Alexia vous séduira par son architecture très moderne. APPARTEMENT T2 de 45 m² comprenant salon avec cuisine u.s à choisir chez Cuisine Schmidt, 1 chambre, 1 sde avec douche à l'Italienne. Placard. 1 parking en sus. Personnalisation possible....

Ref. : 1769790
Apartment ARCACHON 1493344_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1493344_1 Apartment ARCACHON 1493344_2

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ARCACHON850 000 €

Apartment for sale - 4 rooms - 107

Arcachon centre appt t4 neuf terra ouest

Arcachon à 100 m du marché dans une résidence de 16 appt au dernier étage appartement t4 de 107 m² + terrasse exposée ouest. Entrée, séjour, cuisine équipée Schmidt à choisir , 3 chambres. Villa Alexia. Lancement des travaux janvier 2018. Normes RT 2012 & normes handicapées. Pas de logements sociaux. Parkin...

Ref. : AL00302
Apartment ARCACHON 1469008_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1469008_1

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ARCACHON629 000 €

Apartment for sale - 3 rooms - 83

Arcachon centre appt t3 neuf terra sud

Arcachon à 100 m du marché dans une résidence de 15 appartements. T3 de 83 m² + terrasse exposée SUD. Entrée, séjour, cuisine ,cellier, 2 chambres. SDE avec douche Italienne. Normes RT 2012 & normes handicapées. Pas de logements sociaux. Parking Inclus

Ref. : AL105
Apartment ARCACHON 1469007_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1469007_1

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ARCACHON875 105 €

Apartment for sale - 4 rooms - 113

Appt neuf t4 traversant centre d'arcachon

Au 1er étage de la villa byron bay, appartement de type t4 d'environ 132.65 m² traversant comprenant une entrée dégagement de 14 m² , un séjour de 50.80 m² , 3 chambres dont une suite parentale avec douche, une cuisine équipée et aménagée, un cellier, wc avec lave-mains. 2 terrasses sud & nord. Normes rt 201...

Ref. : 1769786
Apartment ARCACHON 1493343_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1493343_1 Apartment ARCACHON 1493343_2 Apartment ARCACHON 1493343_3

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ARCACHON569 000 €

Apartment for sale - 3 rooms - 70

Appartement neuf T3 hyper centre Arcachon

Arcachon à 100 m du marché dans une résidence de 15 appartements. T3 de 70m² traversant EST / OUEST. Entrée, séjour, cuisine ,cellier, 2 chambres. SDE avec douche Italienne. Normes RT 2012 & normes handicapées. Pas de logements sociaux. Parking Inclus. Livraison décembre 2019.

Ref. : 1950972
Apartment ARCACHON 1692382_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1692382_1

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ARCACHON1 365 000 €

Apartment for sale -


Large 4-roomed apartment of 137 sq.m in a front-line residence. Panoramic sea view from the terrace. Separate fitted kitchen, huge living room, a suite and 2 bedrooms. Basement parking.

Ref. : A-74297
Apartment ARCACHON 1690132_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1690132_1

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ARCACHON1 030 000 €

Apartment for sale -


Near the beach. An apartment of over 150 sq.m, renovated throughout. Closed kitchen, huge bright living room, 3 suites, 80 sq.m of terrace. Basement parking space.

Ref. : A-74540
Apartment ARCACHON 1690131_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1690131_1 Apartment ARCACHON 1690131_2

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ARCACHON1 283 000 €

Apartment for sale -


A superb 4-roomed apartment of 124 sq.m, cross-light in a luxury building. Vast living room with designer kitchen, living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, 2 loggias and a basement lockup. New!

Ref. : A-74132
Apartment ARCACHON 1690130_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1690130_1 Apartment ARCACHON 1690130_2

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ARCACHON1 365 000 €

Apartment for sale -


In a front-line residence, a large cross-light 4-bedroomed apartment. Fitted kitchen, living room, panoramic sea view from the terrace. Utility rooms, garage and parking space.

Ref. : A-74368
Apartment ARCACHON 1690125_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1690125_1 Apartment ARCACHON 1690125_2

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ARCACHON399 000 €

Apartment for sale - 4 rooms - 90


Uptown, in a recent residence, on the first and top floor, a charming 4-roomed apartment with loads of daylight. Opening onto a quiet and very sunny terrace.

Ref. : 1208
Apartment ARCACHON 1687590_0

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ARCACHON289 000 €

Apartment for sale - 2 rooms - 47


Marina. Splendid 2-roomed apartment of 47 sq.m with space and daylight. Fully fitted open kitchen, in a recent gated residence, all very quiet. Very close to shops and the beaches.

Ref. : 1215
Apartment ARCACHON 1687560_0

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ARCACHON1 365 000 €

Apartment for sale -


A superb 3-roomed apartment 105 sq.m with a terrace and sea view. Select residence. Fitted kitchen, living room, suite with walk-in closet/bathroom, bedroom, shower. Utility, parking space.

Ref. : A-72135
Apartment ARCACHON 1670567_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1670567_1 Apartment ARCACHON 1670567_2

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ARCACHON648 000 €

Apartment for sale -


Beautiful cross-light 3-roomed apartment of 80 sq.m, glimpse of the sea, hallway, double living room/terrace, sep. fitted kitchen, 2 beds, bath, sep.WC, 2 terraces, utility, 2-car parking.

Ref. : 1958530
Apartment ARCACHON 1670485_0

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ARCACHON1 365 000 €

Apartment for sale -


At the top of Pereire beach, this apartment boasts an exceptional panorama over the whole bay. Huge living room bathed in light opening to a terrace with sea view. Lockup and parking space.

Ref. : 1955996
Apartment ARCACHON 1666801_0 Apartment ARCACHON 1666801_1

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