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TOULOUSE780 000 €

House for sale - 5 rooms - 160

Luxury Bioclimatic House

Toulousaine 18th brick and pebbles transformed by architect, with a strong ecological approach, energy management and comfort very pleasant, in a contemporary approach, quiet and in the sector of Minimes. This passive and bioclimatic house with wood frame develops 170 m² of living space in five main rooms, on a wooded...

Ref. : 2385
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TOULOUSE1 700 000 €

House for sale - 8 rooms - 500

Exceptional contemporary home

Located just ten minutes from the Toulouse ring road, Montastruc-la-Conseillère sector, vast contemporary single-storey villa looking like a Californian villa, designed by architect Pierre LAFITTE. This complex, which has received a complete renovation and of high quality, is now developing 500 m² of living space. Th...

Ref. : 2366
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TOULOUSE890 000 €

House for sale - 6 rooms - 355

Atypical space in mind Loft Workshop

Located in the heart of the district of Minimes and quiet, old house of Arts, developing 355 m² useful in six main rooms. Dating back to 1880, this atypical space benefits from generous volumes. The house has an entrance, which opens onto a living room dining room of 78 m² with open-plan kitchen, fitted and equipped,...

Ref. : 2371
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TOULOUSE870 000 €

House for sale - 8 rooms - 300

Contemporary single storey with park

Fifteen minutes from downtown, on the southern slopes of Toulouse, beautiful contemporary 70s single storey, dominant view very pleasant, developing 300 m² living space in eight main rooms, on a park of 5900 m² with orchard and large heated pool. This property has an entrance with cloakrooms, a beautiful reception 80...

Ref. : 2372
House TOULOUSE 1834316_0 House TOULOUSE 1834316_1 House TOULOUSE 1834316_2 House TOULOUSE 1834316_3

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TOULOUSE1 490 000 €

House for sale - 9 rooms - 385

Exceptional contemporary

Only fifteen minutes from the center of Toulouse, on the southern hillside area Lacroix Falgarde / Vigoulet Auzil, in a privileged environment environment, without any nuisance and with a superb view totally clear, remarkable contemporary developing 385 m² in seven main rooms, on a plot of 8000 m². This property has ...

Ref. : 2370
House TOULOUSE 1837595_0 House TOULOUSE 1837595_1 House TOULOUSE 1837595_2 House TOULOUSE 1837595_3

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TOULOUSE1 000 000 €

House for sale - 13 rooms - 450

Property of 450 m² on one hectare.

Well located on the first hills south of Toulouse, quiet and dominant view, architect's house dating from 1972, mainly on one level, developing 450 m² of living space in ten rooms and configured in U. The property has a main house of 375 m² and an independent guest house of 75 m², as well as outbuildings in storage ...

Ref. : 2394
House TOULOUSE 1929935_0 House TOULOUSE 1929935_1 House TOULOUSE 1929935_2 House TOULOUSE 1929935_3

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TOULOUSE620 000 €

House for sale - 6 rooms - 169

Architect's house in dominant view with swimming pool

Well located on the southern slopes of Toulouse, quiet and dominant view, house dating from 1975 revamped, developing 169 m² living space in seven main rooms on a plot of 1700 m² with a swimming pool. This good presents, on the ground floor, an entrance, opening on a double reception with central chimney, and picture...

Ref. : 2393
House TOULOUSE 1928143_0 House TOULOUSE 1928143_1 House TOULOUSE 1928143_2 House TOULOUSE 1928143_3

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TOULOUSE1 449 000 €

House for sale - 10 rooms - 500

Vast contemporary luxury

In a luxury residence, vast villa of architect built between 2003 and 2009. The property develops ten main rooms on 500 m², and enjoys a wooded plot without vis-à-vis 3000 m², with large pool. The house consists, on the ground floor, of an entrance hall, opening on a double reception generous of 90 m ², giving by t...

Ref. : 2375
House TOULOUSE 1846267_0 House TOULOUSE 1846267_1 House TOULOUSE 1846267_2 House TOULOUSE 1846267_3

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TOULOUSE795 000 €

House for sale - 6 rooms - 157

Ravishing city Toulousaine 1850

Well located on the neighborhood of the Paved Coast and quiet, walking distance to shops, schools and the Toulousain hypercentre, authentic Toulouse 1850 with its pretty steps, developing six main rooms, on a wooded and fenced 307 m². This property has an entrance serving the double reception, bright and spacious, wit...

Ref. : 2345
House TOULOUSE 1760479_0 House TOULOUSE 1760479_1 House TOULOUSE 1760479_2 House TOULOUSE 1760479_3

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TOULOUSE620 000 €

House for sale - 9 rooms - 340

Village Master's House

Superb 1880 mansion located near Montastruc-la-Conseillère, 25 minutes from the gates of Toulouse, in an active village. This property develops 340 m² of living space in nine main rooms, on a fenced park of 6400 m² with trees and a swimming pool. The house has a through entrance, which first serves a full suite with...

Ref. : 2386
House TOULOUSE 1881745_0 House TOULOUSE 1881745_1 House TOULOUSE 1881745_2 House TOULOUSE 1881745_3

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Agence Mercure Toulouse Carnot
Espaces Atypiques Toulouse
Grand Toulouse Immobilier Toulouse
Era Immobilier Esquirol
Cabinet du Printemps
Icl Js Immo
Immobiliere Tolosane
Via Toulouse
Lardenne Immobilier
Habitat Privé
Patrim Immobilier
Mutsud Immo
Bord de Garonne
Toul_House Immobilier
Agence Rbi

TOULOUSE795 000 €

House for sale - 7 rooms - 194

Contemporary with landscaped park

Luxury contemporary house developing 194 m² living space in seven rooms, mainly on one level, on a sumptuous landscaped garden of 1900 m² planted with many species, in privacy and quiet, on the sector of Rouffiac-Tolosan and Saint-Jean . Enjoying a southern exposure, the house revolves around the pool and allows a ve...

Ref. : 2381
House TOULOUSE 1866263_0 House TOULOUSE 1866263_1 House TOULOUSE 1866263_2 House TOULOUSE 1866263_3

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TOULOUSE510 000 €

House for sale - 6 rooms - 145


Superb contemporary villa, tastefully appointed. Living-room with fitted/equipped kitchen, 5 bedrooms, bathroom, 2 showers, A/C. Garage, 2 parking places, terrace, landscaped garden, pool.

House TOULOUSE 1888488_0 House TOULOUSE 1888488_1 House TOULOUSE 1888488_2 House TOULOUSE 1888488_3

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TOULOUSE998 000 €

House for sale - 13 rooms - 472

Prestigious house

Beautiful mansion developing 470 m² living space in thirteen main rooms, on a park of seven hectares near Auterive. The environment is particularly privileged, with access to a private beach on the Ariège, majestic three-hundred-year-old trees, bridle paths, an orchard, a secure pool area, an old golf course and a te...

Ref. : 2400
House TOULOUSE 1921702_0 House TOULOUSE 1921702_1 House TOULOUSE 1921702_2 House TOULOUSE 1921702_3

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