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Residential addresses in Nice West - Theme_2243_1.jpg

Residential addresses in Nice West

Deep terraces, panoramic views of the azure-blue sea, garages, pools, easy access to main roads and the airport, shopping zones and schools, proximity to job pools in the “éco-vallée” and...


The Alpilles and Vallée de l’Arc, parallel portraits  - Theme_2240_1.jpg

The Alpilles and Vallée de l’Arc, parallel portrai...

Much appreciated by many French and foreign fans wanting to treat themselves to a charming holiday home, the Alpilles offer a property market focusing on personal enjoyment at prices that have now become stable. Prized for their assets of charm and practicality, communes in the Vallée de l’Arc are, on the other...


Anglet, increasingly attractive - Theme_2234_1.jpg

Anglet, increasingly attractive

In 2019, the future electric “tram’bus” will enable residents of Anglet to reach the centre of Biarritz easily and directly. A sizable argument boosting the appeal of this commune, already very enticing with its shoreline 4.5 km long, 11 beaches and a golf-course.


Chamonix Mont Blanc, an enviable life-style - Theme_2233_1.jpg

Chamonix Mont Blanc, an enviable life-style

With its reputation as the world capital of skiing and mountaineering, Chamonix offers a vast array of possibilities for sport and leisure activities. A high-altitude resort at the heart of the Savoy-Mont Blanc region, Chamonix is comprised of 16 little villages from north to south, just 15 km from Switzerland.