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Nice, from Masséna to Libération - Theme_2012_1.jpg

Nice, from Masséna to Libération

The nerve centre of the capital of the Riviera is undergoing a continual metamorphosis. After the introduction of the first tramline and inauguration of the Coulée Verte gardens, it is now the turn of the Gare du Sud area to pursue this embellishment policy. The result is a...


Bordeaux hyper-centre : quality and stylishness  - Theme_2008_1.jpg

Bordeaux hyper-centre : quality and stylishness

This highly-prized city in the Gironde appeals to both the actively employed, retirees, French and foreign buyers. Whether for its charm, quality lifestyle or accessibility, Bordeaux chalks up on-going success. Its most highly sought-after address is the hyper-centre, a neighbourhood brimming with history...


Portraits of Bandol and La Ciotat - Theme_2007_1.jpg

Portraits of Bandol and La Ciotat

Retirees from Paris, Saint-Étienne and Grenoble are very fond of the sandy beaches, the closeness to the TGV station, the quality living conditions, quietness and village atmosphere of Bandol, in Le Var. Now with the wind in its sails, La Ciotat, in Provence, has become a lovely seaside resort, also attracting...


Annecy, a buoyant market  - Theme_2006_1.jpg

Annecy, a buoyant market

Between the lake and mountains, the “Venice of the Alps” plays host to almost 51,000 residents intramuros and 210,000 within its agglomeration. Since the opening of the A41 linking it to Geneva, people working across the border, more than ready to benefit from a pleasant...


Anglet, a diverse market  - Theme_2005_1.jpg

Anglet, a diverse market

With its 11 beaches on a shoreline 4.5 km long, Anglet is a vast, airy commune. Home to almost 38,000 residents, its property market offers a diverse array of homes ranging from classic and practical...


Arcachon : lively all year round  - Theme_2004_1.jpg

Arcachon : lively all year round

One of the most prom­inent seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast, Arcachon is the main town on the Bassin of the same name. This little commune offers cultural activities and infrastructures enabling it to claim year-round liveliness. Dynamism which underpins the area’s...


Cluses, at the heart of the valley of the Arve - Theme_2001_1.jpg

Cluses, at the heart of the valley of the Arve

Lying between Geneva and Chamonix, Cluses offers a wide array of properties, apartments, houses and building plots, at attrac­tive prices for this region. A blessing for first-time buyers and members of the working population with average budgets…


Grimaud, a commune on the sea - Theme_2000_1.jpg

Grimaud, a commune on the sea

Offering a condensed version of all the attractions provided by the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Grimaud is comprised of an authentic medieval village, vineyards, idyllic beaches, peaceful residential areas, not forgetting its rare pearl : the “lagoon city” of Port-Grimaud.