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Antibes, more stable prices  - Theme_2256_1.jpg

Antibes, more stable prices

More discreet than Cannes though no less chic, Antibes is highly-prized by both an international clientele and the locally employed who appreciate its convenient location between Nice and Cannes, close to Sophia-Antipolis.


Update on the borderline market  - Theme_2255_1.jpg

Update on the borderline market

Whether in Le Pays de Gex or Upper Savoy, the real-estate market on the border with Switzerland is still in good shape. For both new and old properties, buyers have a wide choice. Possibly a little too wide ?…


Sophia-Antipolis, a unique market - Theme_2251_1.jpg

Sophia-Antipolis, a unique market

Sophia Antipolis hosts almost 1,500 companies, and over 5,000 students and researchers work there each day. In constant expansion, this unique technopolis, the largest in France, stretches out on about 5,928 acres of land - including 2,964 acres of forests - on the communes...


La Croix-Valmer, an idyllic environment - Theme_2247_1.jpg

La Croix-Valmer, an idyllic environment

Boasting seven natural sandy beaches as renowned for their beauty as for the quality of their sea water, La Croix-Valmer stretches out along a 6-km coastline, at the southern entrance to the Saint-Tropez peninsula. This discreet holiday resort benefits from an exceptional...


Summer portraits of mountain resorts  - Theme_2246_1.jpg

Summer portraits of mountain resorts

With the arrival of fine weather, the renowned resorts of Megève and Le Grand-Bornand appear in a totally different light, as busy and appealing as in winter. Lively and offering a wide array of activities, they increasingly draw a clientele enthusiastic about summer sports and leisure activities in the mountains.


Le Moulleau, a village within a town - Theme_2245_1.jpg

Le Moulleau, a village within a town

A pleasant, well-known “faubourg” of Arcachon, Le Moulleau has preserved its authenticity, soul and architectural charm, all borne along on a warm, elegant, family atmosphere making it a highly-prized address.